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Serving the Rocky Mountain region: Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, Utah, Wyoming

In February 2000, Jim LaClair and Joe Thomas formed Tomahawk Pipeline Construction, Inc. They have both worked extensively in the pipeline business and have over 50 years combined experience. Tomahawk Pipeline Construction was formed to provide full pipeline construction service for the energy companies in the Rocky Mountain Region.  Although there are pipeline construction companies in the area, we feel that our company has more diversified experience in all areas of the pipeline construction business and are better able to provide these services to our customers.

Tomahawk Pipeline Construction, Inc, is dedicated to providing excellent pipeline construction services to our clients in a timely and efficient manner. Our goal is to provide safe and productive surroundings for our employees and quality pipelines for the safety of the environment.

The ability to provide both construction and maintenance of pipelines and compressor stations is one of our advantages. We also have the contacts and capacity to hire the qualified pipeline personnel necessary for your projects.

We are constantly seeking the most modern equipment that will fulfill the needs of a large contracting company.



In view of the surge in energy production in the Rocky Mountain Region, Jim LaClair and Joe Thomas have combined forces to join their skills and knowledge and expand into all phases of the pipeline industry.

They have combined responsibilities in upholding safety standards and organizing complex pipeline construction jobs.


Market Environment

With the recent drilling for energy sources in the Rocky Mountain Region, the pipeline construction market is constantly undergoing changes. Because of our vast experience, we feel that our company is a great asset to the pipeline industry. With our experience and knowledge, we can continue to competitively serve the energy company’s needs for both polyethylene and steel pipeline construction and maintenance.



The objectives of Tomahawk Pipeline Construction, Inc:

  • First provide a service-oriented pipeline construction business.
  • Secondly, to fulfill projects for our customers within the time and budget allotted.
  • Our third goal is to expand to meet any customer needs.

The dominant driving force of our company is to provide quality work for a large and multifaceted client base.

Tomahawk Pipeline

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    Tomahawk Pipeline Construction, Inc...


      • owns the majority of their equipment needed to operate, but also have obtained the ability to rent/lease equipment to meet the clients needs.


      • has a $2,000,000.00 general liability with a $4,000,000.00 umbrella insurance policy.


      • is registered with the states of Colorado, Montana, North Dakota and Wyoming for Workers Compensation and Unemployment Insurance.


      • has an Anti-Drug Policy and Employee Safety Program in place. We do a weekly safety meeting.


      • has installed over 9.2 million feet of steel and poly pipeline of various sizes, along with the necessary components that were required in the past three years alone. We have a breakdown of how much steel and poly pipe for the past three years.


    • Jim LaClair is NCCER accredited Master Trainer in the fields of Pipeline Core, Abnormal Operating Conditions -Field, and Pipeline maintenance.